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Hey friends!

Welcome to Mindful Sojourning. Mindful Sojourning is an ongoing journey through life as a follower of Jesus asking the question “Why?”. When I was in 5th grade, my teacher made fun of me for asking too many questions. “Captain Why?” is what she called me. It was neither given nor received as a compliment at the time. But years later I realized that, even though this simple question may irritate people, it is one of the most valuable tools we have.

I am a husband, father, neighbor, friend, and amateur theologian. In addition to possessing an uncanny ability to ask the question “Why?”, I am a neighborhood community developer, fitness enthusiast, and closet drifter/wannabe surfer/beach bum.

My mission here is two-fold: First, to help followers of Jesus discern what the Spirit of God is doing as we navigate the relatively new reality of post-Christendom. And secondly, to help the non-Christian world see the beauty of the God’s Kingdom and Jesus, our King. 

Followers of Jesus have been commissioned into a life of discipleship while living in but not always a part of local culture. As our faith community has lived more intentionally into this commission, we have found theology to be an ongoing conversation between a life of discipleship and the culture we live in. These three themes (discipleship, theology, and culture) are the focus of the majority of my writing.


Discipleship is the process of being and becoming more like Jesus in ordinary life. Or, looking at it from another angle, discipleship is becoming who Jesus would be if he were you. Discipleship covers all aspects of life: from singleness to family, hobbies to careers, and being a neighbor to being a coworker.


Theology is the study of God’s activity in the world. We come to know God through his work in creation, both present and past. Scripture and Church traditions are consultants in the present day conversation being had between a community of discipleship and the culture it lives in.


Culture the accumulation of habits, practices, beliefs, traditions, attitudes, expectations, values, desires, hopes/visions, and behaviors of a people group. Cultures consist of sub-cultures, local cultures, regional cultures, national cultures, and global cultures.

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